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About us

Passionate about surveys and passionate about self-evaluation and school improvement.

We understand schools and everything we do is with the objective of providing them with the very best information.

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Pupil Surveys

Pupil Surveys

Our pupil surveys provide valuable insights into how pupils feel about the school, its staff and their own learning. More about Pupil Surveys

Parent Surveys

Parent Surveys

Our parent surveys will help to actively engage parents and provide detailed feedback about how they view the school. More about Parent Surveys

School surveys, conducted by the experts

School Survey ExpertThe team at School Survey Experts have been working with school surveys for over 10 years. Since then we have collated more than 20 million responses from parents, pupils, staff and governors.

Over the years we have pored over the various Ofsted inspection frameworks, wrestled with writing the best questions, choosing the most effective analysis and reporting framework and developing slick systems and processes - all with the single aim of providing schools with the most useful feedback from their stakeholders.


But the data is just a means to an end - every piece of data is a real voice, waiting to be heard. And when we combine those voices, something magical happens. We are able to create a picture of the school, connecting learners, staff and parents.


paper and online surveysWe're driven by the thought that the information our surveys provide will have a real impact in schools. From ensuring they have quality information for their self-evaluation process, through to their development plan and on to real measurable improvements in performance. After all, actions speak louder than words.


Because everyone has a voice and every voice should be heard.